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Bali Deluxe Safety Keychain

Bali Deluxe Safety Keychain

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Have you ever felt scared while going out alone? Whether for a run, walking home after your evening shifts, or just simply going for a walk in a trail? Personal safety has become an issue of importance for everyone, especially for women.

Imagine having peace of mind and feeling more confident when walking alone at night.

Made By Icing offers a variety of different colours and designs in 6 pieces set self-defense keychains with a mace that are legal to carry in Canada. Each self-defence keychain is lightweight and can protect and assist you in different situations.

Each Self Defense Keychain Set includes: 

Kubotan: used to break a car window if ever trapped in a car accident. 

Personal Safety Alarm with LED light: It makes a tremendous sound to attract people’s attention if in a dangerous situation. The sound can reach up to 500 ft (150 m). The alarm can last for 60 minutes with a continuous alarm and the battery is replaceable. The built-in button-operated LED light illuminate the sidewalk in the dark and serve as emergency lights.

- Window Breaker & Seat Belt Cutter (2in1): In case of a car accident, use a car safety pin (the black lid) to break side windows. Press the trigger of the pin against the corner of the window until the window glass shatters and then escape urgently. Use the seat belt cutter to cut the seat belt if jammed. Pull out the escape device quickly from the keychain, pull out the buckle, align the blade to the seat belt and cut it off quickly.

- Dog Repellent Spray: the humane and effective pepper spray for use against attacking dogs and coyotes. The spray sprays up to 13 ft with 5 one-second bursts. To view the ingredients and the expiration date of the spray, simply pull down the case.

- Rhinestone Ring: to hold all the items together.

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